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Biebs In Brooklyn Making It RAIN With Perfect Form On His Jumpshot

Jumpman jumpman jumpman that boys up to somethin! Is that Steph Curry out there or Justin Bieber? Is That Ray Allen? Biebs got game, I got game, he got game, Biebs got game! I think he was barefoot for a couple of those. Just making that gym wetter than the Barclays Arena when he hits those high notes and floods every girl’s basement.

Being honest I think its actually more impressive that Bieber shoots a basketball like that. It looks like hes about to throw a chest pass and then all the sudden….SWISH! He releases that shit below his head with his arm perpendicular to the ground. Biebs out here making it even more difficult to shoot and still getting buckets.

There was always a couple kids like that early on in CYO basketball. Worst form you’ve ever seen in your life. My buddy the Big Weez used to legit shoot the ball like a chest pass. I was joking about Biebs but Weez used to turn his hands in, hold the ball right at his chest, and LAUNCH that shit at the hoop. Worst shot I’ve ever seen in my life but at the time we were young enough that it was on the 8 foot hoops so he actually could kinda ball. At that level it was really just kids throwing the ball at the hoop however the wanted. Biebs basically is just stuck in that life. He turned pro with music when he was like 12 and he just kept his jumpshot from that age.