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This Scary 4-D Joker Roller Coaster Still Won't Be As Terrifying As 90% Of The Species That Attend Great Adventure

New Jersey - Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is preparing for their newest ride, The Joker 4-D roller-coaster. Only the 9th 4-D roller-coaster in existence, four test dummies got to take it for it’s inaugural test flight and they’ve shared the footage. The Joker ride joins other DC themed rides at the part including Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Batman: The Ride and the Dark Knight Coaster. Each of which is a unique style of coaster. The Joker ride is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend.

The rides at Six Flags Great Adventure are the certified tits. Pound for pound the best collection of roller coasters in the world. Nitro still may be my favorite ride of all-time. But I haven’t been to Six Flags in about 5 years. Why? The type of crowd that would assemble when you offer buy one, get one free tix for showing up with just an empty can of Coke is not the type of crew I want to spend the day with.

I remember walking up to the entrance and the TICKET BOOTH line was a solid 30 min. The queue was absolutely flooded with white trash as far as the eye could see, Jersey Guido’s taking their beat up women (metaphorically and physically) on anniversary dates, and school groups with inner city kids where the parent/chaperon to child ratio was a decent 1:400. That’s not even mentioning the chartered van that legally seated no more than 10 that pulled up and legitimately 45 shirtless Latinos got out. The lines and crowds inside the park were even more chaotic. Martial Law could’ve been declared on the spot at anytime during the day and nobody would’ve batted an eye. And I can’t forget about the actual, legitimate families who attempt to have a decent vaca day but always, ALWAYS end up in an epic argument. They may keep it under wraps in public with deep sighs and some quick, stern “I KNOW”s, but those deep down emotions are exploding like the Big Bang in the car. So, nope. Never again. It’s worth having to deal with waiting an average of 55 min for each ride in the 100 degree heat. Especially in line with people who could be put in the wild Safari portion of the park and nobody would bat an eye.