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Update: The Aruba Vacation Just Got Turnt Up To 1000

IT’S LIT FAM! This text from Jared just made my day/week/month/year. Just the three amigos, me, Grandpa Dave, and Mr. Carraba all hanging out in Aruba. Playing some cards, getting that good #content. What a fucking small world where Jared’s dad is coming to Aruba too. Who even goes to Aruba at all? Nevermind my dumbass self, Dave’s insane self, and Jared’s old man? It’s so perfect. Maybe Jared will come too. Shit, maybe everyone affiliated with Barstool will come and open up a new HQ down there. The internet will 100% be better than the internet at the Boston office and if I know Barstool like I think I know Barstool, that whole “the office will be ready in September” thing will be reminiscent of the whole “the office will be ready in May” thing.

Seriously, the thought of busting before Dave will keep me awake at night from now until Aruba in November. I know I’m better than him, but if luck has it that I’m knocked out first he’ll never stop gloating about it. I could win 5 million dollars playing poker between now and Aruba but if he has a better finish than me in one tournament I’ll never hear the end of it.

Gonna practice tweeting while playing next Friday in this 1.1k tournament at Maryland Live. Look for awesome updates like “just folded for an hour straight” and “raised and everyone folded”. Live poker baby!

PS: Do people not save people in their phone based on their first name and who they are? I saved Jared’s number before I had ever even talked to him, can’t even remember why we needed to talk that day, so obviously he went in as Jared Red Sox. People are wondering why it’s saved like that, it’s just the that Name and Description is the best way to save numbers. The funny thing is I thought I invented it and then the Curb episode was so perfect.