Cubs Minor Leaguer John Williamson Freestyles About Cubs And The World Series

I’ll get into the freestyle itself in a second, but I just wanted to say that this took me right back to college. Just horrible flashbacks of being shitfaced at 3am at some random house party, not sealing the deal with a girl, so you’re just stuck sitting at a kitchen table, while some random dude you don’t even know is freestyling, and you all have to sit there and pretend that it’s good, wondering how your life has come to this. Painfully awkward, and we’ve all been there.

That being said, this is actually good. It’s good, right? I don’t really know. I’m the least qualified person to rate stuff like this. I just listen to sports radio and wrestling entrance themes. But I think it’s good. The one part that I’m scratching my head at is how he’s saying “we” about the Cubs, and he’s in A-ball. I had to ask Big Cat who this dude was. I thought he was a top prospect in Triple-A or something. I looked him up, and he’s a 23rd round draft pick. But if D-Mac likes him, then I like him, so we’ll wish him the best of luck making it to The Show. J-Willy so hot right now. J-Willy.