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That Mexican Cop Who Got Fired For Taking Nude Selfies At Work Has A New Job As A Headlining Stripper



Dailymail – Nidia Garcia revealed how her husband isn’t speaking to her, and her family were left speechless by the pictures – as she is now working as a stripper since leaving the police force.

Nidia, told MailOnline: ‘The photo wasn’t taken for my husband. And he was so disgusted that I had been capable of letting another man take such photos that he left the house.’

‘I told him that if he wanted to leave, then he should go. Now, as I am beginning to perform as a stripper, he is pretending none of it is going on,’ she said.

Nidia revealed the topless photo inside a police vehicle while on duty were taken a year ago as part of a ‘funny game’ she was playing with her patrol partner.

She said: ‘My patrol partner is like a brother to me. I’m not having an affair with him, or anyone else, we simply took the photos as a laugh.’


Classic Mexican comedy, titties and chuckling. Don’t get me wrong, at first blush that definitely sounds like a lie made to cover her ass with her husband who — as I predicted — wants no part of her after she cuckolded him with nudes like this. But have you seen those Mexican variety shows on Telemundo? It’s all big tittied chicks shaking those and their asses around while everyone in the crowd yuks it up like it’s a comedy. So there is some plausible deniability there to Nidia’s story. Nothing like some big brown nipple-based laughter, guffaws like the first time people saw Charlie Chaplin do a pratfall in a silent movie.


Still, I’m confused as to whether this is a step up for her or not. Being a Mexican cop seems like a really shitty job so getting to do something else is a win. But Mexican stripper? Ehhhhh. I can’t imagine the money is THAT good given how busy the sex sales industry is there and it seems pretty depressing she’d have to hit the pole next to some chick getting ridden by Don Quixote’s steed. Just seems like her pseudo fame should have at least gotten some enterprising American porn producer to smuggle her into the Valley for a few shoots. I’d give it a click out of curiosity and out of support for this proud Mexican woman on Cinco de Mayo.


And if you’re thinking of hitting the Mexican strip club scene to see Nidia Garcia, A) Don’t actually go to a donkey show, it’s much more depressing than it seems (I’m told) and B) Here’s a NSFW preview of what you’d see at a Nidia Garcia live show. Probably also very solid street tacos, kind of a win-win.