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Carpool Karaoke With A Bomb Squad Of Gwen Stefani, George Clooney and Julia Roberts

All star line up for your boy James Corden. Everyone knows I’m big on Jimmy Co and his Carpool Karaoke bit. I’ll be honest this one definitely didnt need to be 15 minutes but with an all star cast like this I had to blog it.

Lets talk about Gwen Stefani. There are times I look at her and I think “God DAMN. Looks like a complete fucking ROCKET.” And ultimately that is the correct answer. Yes, Gwen Stefani is still a fox at 46. But then there are times I look at her…really look at her…and think about the facelift or botox or whats going on there and it freaks me out. I mean she’s got a pound and a half of make up on. I think her actual face is like 6 inches under that mask. So I guess the question is the appropriate reaction “Damn Gwen still got it!” or “Damn Gwen is plastic.” Ultimately I dont really care and she looks phenomenal and I want to put my B A N A N A in her. Its kind of like when you see “Porn stars with no makeup.” I dont really care because you look great in make up and whenever I see you, youre wearing it. Plus again, like porn stars, I bet shes a dragon in the sack. But I guess I’m wondering if people’s gut reaction is “Smoke” or “fake.” Either way I hope James smashed.

PS – Getting to sing We Are The Champions with George Clooney is a bucket list moment that I didnt even know I wanted on my bucket list.