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Justin Tuck Will Sign A One-Day Contract On Friday In Order To Retire As A Giant

ESPN- The New York Giants haven’t given their fans many chances to feel good about the team the past three years. It appears Friday will be an exception. According to sources, former Giants defensive end Justin Tuck will sign a ceremonial one-day contract and formally retire as a member of the Giants on Friday. It’s not shocking news, since Tuck announced his retirement on his Facebook page in early February, but Tuck is a Giant worthy of the modest-but-moving retirement news conference moment the team has granted to Super Bowl heroes such as Chris Snee and Osi Umenyiora in recent years.

I imagine people are split on how they feel about these one-day contracts to have a guy retire with the team he started with, but I usually like them. I was too young to really appreciate guys like LT and Carl Banks. And while I enjoyed guys like Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora Antonio Pierce, and others, Tuck was always my guy. A beast on the field, seemingly a good guy off of it, and always attended New York sporting events. I’m not sure why, but I love watching guys from my teams cheer on other New York teams. It doesn’t really make sense, but I guess neither does devoting your time and energy to rooting for a bunch of strangers on a field.

Usually when a guy goes to another team, you wish them well and hope they don’t hurt you in a big game. But when Tuck went to Oakland, it kind of depressed all Giants fans. Granted, he didn’t walk away with the usual Raiders stink that most older guys do when they travel to The Black Hole for those last few paychecks, but it wasn’t all sunshine and palm trees. So I am happy Tuck gets to return to Big Blue and celebrate his time with the team and give us an excuse to watch some more of those old Super Bowl highlights.

Meanwhile, the Tuck news overshadowed the other big Giants story of the day, which was Eli Apple’s Madden ratings being released:

Anyone that has ever played Madden knows that speed wins franchise mode championships. Offensive linemen are basically a dime a dozen in the game, so Tunsil wouldn’t have done us any good unless he blossomed into a stud. But having a fast DB that can catch the ball makes him a force on defense and if you want to get really saucy, on special teams. So thanks Jerry Reese for bringing Eli Apple’s wheels into my life come late August when I play Madden until my eyes bleed.

Oh yeah, and thanks again for bringing Annie Apple into my life as well, Jerry. She is a true gem.