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Draymond Green With An All Time Frozen Face During Last Night's Press Conference




Love this move. Whenever you don’t like the question or just need to tap out for a few seconds, you unplug the controller and go frozen in everyone’s face. The key is to stay frozen just long enough that you start to wonder if something is actually wrong. I was a split second away from tapping my phone or shaking it to see why half the video had just stopped. A+ job. Draymond Green, not just the apple of Bill Simmons’ eye, also a great frozen interviewee.





How discouraging was last night for the Blazers? Played a perfect first quarter and very good first half. Led by 11 going into the 4th and then the Warriors do what they do to basically every team. Ratchet up the Defense, hit a few huge shots, let the crowd go nuts and next thing you know you’re dead. It really is incredible to watch. I’ve never seen a team be down by double digits and have it feel like it’s only 3-4 points. That’s how fast the Warriors can turn on you. Western Conference Finals is going to be appointment television.