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Another Day, Another Kangaroo Looking To Rip Your Children's Faces Off

Fuck. That. What kind of society do we live in where children are taught these sauced up demonic rats are supposedly cute and cuddly? That thing looks like a freakier version of the rabbit in Donny Darko with the claws of a Velociraptor. Especially when it’s nuts enough to try to go head first through the glass. Brah, one kick and that window would shatter on impact. There’s no need to go full on Lattimir from The Program when you’re already that intimidating. That place at the table is a given.

One thing’s for damn sure, if that window did break then it would’ve been game over for Mr. Aussie. A flawless victory for the Roo. The only thing that’s stopping that freak of nature in its tracks is another pissed off kangaroo. Add in Joe Rogan commentary and you got yourself a prizefight.

I don’t care if this is from 10 hours or 10 years ago. These kangaroo’s can DANCE. That on top of the actual fight is borderline majestic with the UFC commentary. Textbook chokeout at the end. Get that winner in the ring with this 200-lb metal crushing piece of jacked meat. It would be the first worthy PPV fight in decades.