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I Love Kanye Instantly Firing A Body Guard After He Was Seen Talking To Kim


Daily Mail- It’s no secret that his wife Kim Kardashian is the apple of his eye. And Kanye West has allegedly fired a security guard after he caught him trying to talk to his wife in the run-up to Monday night’s Met Gala in New York City. The 39-year-old rapper reportedly flew into a fit of rage and dramatically sacked Steve Stanulis after he was seen chatting to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians start outside her hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria. A eyewitness told the New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column: ‘Something happened at the Waldorf Astoria where Kanye just lost it.’ It’s believed Kanye locked horns with Stanulis – who has previously protected the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Alanis Morissette – after he came out of his room on the 36th floor of the establishment and saw the muscleman handing Kim a package that had arrived at reception for her. According to another onlooker, the Bound 2 hitmaker screeched: ‘This isn’t right!’




Power move city, population Kanye Omari West. Nobody is better at being a famous person than Kanye West. He acts crazy, he dresses crazy, he makes crazy music, he tweets crazy, he marries crazy, he does it all crazy cause he’s a crazy famous person.  This latest incident further proves it. KFC talked last week on Mailltime about celebrities not having to act normal because they’re famous and this is a prime example. What do you do when you see somebody talking to your girlfriend and you feel that twinge of jealousy? You have two options and they both suck. You either bring it up to your girlfriend right then and there and it turns into a big fight or you bury it deep down inside and it explodes somewhere down the line during a different fight. What does Kanye West do? He fires the dude and never lets him near Kim again. I love it. I really do. Don’t let the peasants talk to the queen. This is one of the perks when you’re famous. You get to fire people simply because you saw them talking to someone you didn’t want them talking to. Only thing that would’ve been better was if Kanye fired the guy for making eye contact with Kim. Hopefully next time.