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Kangaroo Attacks A Car Out Of The Darkness And, Yeah, FUCK That

These damn things are a lot bigger than you’d think. Just one shot from these bad boys would send you into a nap for months, as observed in this prize fight.

Forget about there being nothing more Aussie than watching two Roo’s go at it like a Pay-Per-View fight to Queenland radio while wondering if you should get your boomerang. These kangaroo’s can DANCE. A borderline majestic 12 rounds of battle where they’re still giving it all till the end. You get me out there and I’m gassed to the ground by the 10th swing. In all seriousness I would rather watch these two thing go at it than a rigged Mayweather match or a couple of MMA fighters goosing each other into submission. Plus they’re a freaking eerie bunch, to boot.

Just a little terrifying? Anything that stops and stares you down in those kind of numbers is shit your pants frightening. It could be a gaggle of midgets and if they stop, turn, and gaze at me in complete silence and I’m running for the hills. No thank you.