Adam Wainwright Hit A Home Run Up In Big Mac Land

I’m starting to notice that I’ve been having those “Wow, I’m getting old” moments more and more frequently, as I reference points in baseball history from my childhood that are before some readers’ time. Anyway, where I’m going with this is that there might be some younger baseball fans who think that Big Mac Land is just an entire level sponsored by McDonald’s and the Big Mac sandwich, which isn’t entirely untrue. It is sponsored by McDonald’s and the Big Mac sandwich. However, for the youngins who were still lodged in their fathers’ prostate during the Steroid Era, Big Mac = Mark McGwire. I’m sure you know who he is, and what he used to do to baseballs, and how he used to regularly hit home runs into that second deck and higher in St.Louis.

I’ve always been against having pitchers hit in the National League. I think it’s bananas that fans of National League teams fight in favor of having their pitchers hit. It’s not worth the risk of having one of your starters get hurt on the base paths or in the batter’s box, and I’d much rather see a DH crush a home run than watch a pitcher bunt a runner into scoring position, but that’s just me. That being said, I’m always impressed when a pitcher can put the bat on the ball like this, especially when they crush a home run into Big Mac Land like Adam Wainwright did, who has twice led the National League in innings pitched and wins. I’d hate to have exciting moments like this removed from the game, but you also have to consider how rare moments like these are. I guess that’s what make them special, though. But what’s more entertaining for the fans, a DH who can do this regularly, or the novelty of a pitcher doing this once a year?