Huuuuuge Brawl Breaks Out At The Turkish Parliament Once Again




I actually think this is healthy and more governments should do stuff like this. Every so often just open up the valve and punch each other in the face a few hundred times. The US government should for sure do this. There’s nothing but upside. One, we’d get to watch a bunch of old dudes fight each other. That’s a win. And two, it’s a stress reliever and there would be less festering animosity. The way it is now can’t and doesn’t work. Because resentment builds and it ends up undermining the whole political process. It’s fundamental. It’s why guys can be friends forever and girls switch up their “best friends” live a revolving door. Guys get mad at each other? They physically fight, everybody feels better afterwards and they move forward. Girls get mad at each other? They bury it deep down inside until it comes out in unhealthy ways, like gossip with other girls in the friend group, and permanently fractures the friendship. It really is that simple.