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Garza Still Going On Twitter Rants From His Protected Twitter Account

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(Source) The first-place A’s dropped down four bunts — three of them sacrifices — in Saturday’s 4-2 victory over the second-place Rangers. That apparently upset Texas starter Matt Garza, who was spotted yelling at Oakland’s Eric Sogard following a successful squeeze play in the seventh inning and then carried that frustration over to Twitter late Saturday night.

Sogard’s pregnant wife Kaycee was tweeting throughout the A’s win. She may have deleted some posts, but here are the last two entries from her account (you read tweets from bottom to top):




Different city same song for Garza with this one. Any Cub fan remembers Garza’s little twitter rant about all of us being so negative all the time back in April. I guess this is his thing now though? Getting pissed at people who don’t play the way Garza wants them to. Whether it be bunting or cheering for your team. Which again seems silly considering the fact that he is a professional athlete making millions of dollars. But yeah, on this one, I sort of see his point. Having anyone else fight your battles for you is lame, but what’s a million times worse is going on twitter tirades behind a locked account so no one can see what you’re saying.


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