The Annual Barstool Sports Derby Party Presented By Stella Artois Is This Saturday At Tia's

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This Saturday we’ve got what is always my favorite party of the season. Dave loves March Madness and I love the Derby party. It’s the fucking perfect Saturday: NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, Derby, weather is finally nice, day drinking, and you get to dress fancy. Nothing better than getting belligerently intoxicated in formal clothes. Plus, girls in sundresses. It’s without a doubt the most fun day of the year so be sure to come out for a full day of classy debauchery.


First 100 guys and 100 girls to show will each get their own Derby hat courtesy of Stella Artois.


Make sure you come decked out. If you’re a schlub who doesn’t have the gear for a Derby Party, head on over to Miltons and they can try and make you look as good as we did last year.


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