Our Boy Wes From Puddle Of Mudd Was Arrested In The Middle Of A Show #FreeWes

Rock Feed - It seems that Puddle of Mudd is back together after the entire band walked out on their belligerent vocalist during a recent European performance. While we were initially hopeful that the band would stay away and force the troubled singer to get help, this is clearly not the case. Police showed up to Wes Scantlin’s Puddle of Mudd gig last night in Hermosa Beach, CA with a couple bail bondsmen. Just before Scantlin and the rest of Puddle of Mudd were about to hit the stage for an encore, he was pulled from the backstage area and placed in handcuffs. Police say Scantlin skipped out on his bail so a judge issued a warrant for his arrest and upped his bail to whopping $250,000. It’s unlikely Puddle of Mudd is generating that much money so he’ll probably be in jail for a while.


Free Wes! Free Wes! Free Wes!

You can’t arrest Wes in the middle of his show. Mostly because if he makes it all the way through a show without quitting/having his band walk out on him/dying of a heart attack, then you have to let him finish. The millions….and millions of Puddle of Mudd fans shelled out their hard earned money/government allowance to see them sing Blurry, and Wes was arrested before the encore? That’s some bull shit. You don’t arrest Wes before he sings Blurry. That’s the money maker. So what, he skipped out on paying his bail? It happens to all of us who have multiple DUI/cocaine/domestic abuse charges. But to take him out in handcuffs while the crowd was chanting “EN-CORE! EN-CORE!” is dirty.

And now what? He has a $250,000 bail placed on his head. Hopefully he’s still friends with other washed up 90’s singers and will be doing crack out on the streets again soon. Fred Durst, help a brotha out! Scott Stapp, do the right thing! Wes Scantlin in jail is about as anti-american as it gets. He’s a rock n roll star, god god dammit dammit. He’s supposed to drink, do drugs, get arrested, and be on that stage the next day. Not rotting in a jail cell. Rock stars are allowed to get away with more because they are rock stars. America was built on that. SMH, police who arrested him, SMH.


h/t Mike