Think David Beckham Will Ever Recover From Having To Sit Next To The Greatest Haircut Of All Time?






Poor Beckham. All his life people have been saying “Oh David Beckham, you’re so hot, your hair is so great, you’re perfect”.  Then one day he walks into a meeting and meets his match. The greatest bowl cut of all time. The most memorable hair in sports. Because make no mistake, by all traditional measurement David Beckham has better hair than Mark Davis, but great hair gets remembered, bowl cuts live forever, and therein lies the difference. Put a hat on Becks, you just got the shit kicked out of you.



Sidenote, how about being a manager at a Las Vegas PF Changs right about now? Like waiting on that winning lottery ticket. Business is about to go through the roof.





I love the Raiders because even at a very formal City hearing there is still the threat of a stabbing.


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