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Alex Radulov Returning To The NHL, Drake Caggiula Updates And The NHL Expansion Draft


Earlier this week it was reported that Alexander Radulov would not be reporting to play for Russia at the upcoming Worlds. Then rumors starting swirling around that he was eyeing a possible return to the NHL after going AWOL on the Predators twice. Well today we got some answers and I guess it’s time to hold on to your butts, people.

Now here’s the thing you have to remember about Alex Radulov; the man is a cock sucker. A crazy talented cock sucker that is most likely the best player in the world right now not playing in the NHL. But a cock sucker nonetheless. Whatever team he lands with will be taking a huge risk in signing him. Anything more than a 1 or 2-year-contract and you’re playing with fire. Which is why anybody who even thinks that he’d be a good fit in Philly can go fuck off. Hextall has been preaching patience since he took over for Holmgren. It would make zero sense whatsoever for any team who is in anything resembling a rebuild mode to take a chance on Radulov. However, for teams like Florida and Colorado who have their core in line but just need that extra piece or two to put them over the edge? Well now you have a fit. So yeah, Radulov is ridiculously talented. He’ll come into the NHL next season and make an immediate impact. But he’ll be an impact player next year, get homesick the next year and then end back in Russia for good after that. Ed Snider would turn in his grave if the Flyers actually went out and signed him. But now let’s talk about a player that Hextall may be able to pull the trigger on.


Drake Caggiula is the most coveted NCAA free agent and he has his decision narrowed down to 6 teams that he’d join next season; Philly, Vancouver, Chicago, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Buffalo. Hes’s in Vancouver right now and was in Philly the other week when the Flyers got massacred by the Caps in Game 3. Caggiula has played for Hakstol before in Grand Forks. He would have the ability to crack the Flyers lineup right away as a winger on either the 2nd or 3rd line. It’ll be interesting to see what Chicago does this offseason to open up some cap space but I just don’t see any way they’d have a spot open for Caggiula next season. Edmonton would be a nice spot depending on where they land in the Draft Lottery tomorrow. If they get either 2-3 and take Laine or Puljujarvi, that’s another wing that he’d have to compete with. And then Ottawa and Buffalo are there as dark horses. But yeah, we should get our decision next week so just keep your dicks up in the meantime.


The NHL and NHLPA Have Agreed To Terms On The NHL Expansion Draft

I wrote a little bit about the expansion draft earlier in the year but now the rules have finally been agreed upon. Teams will be able to protect 7 forwards, 3 defensemen and a goalie, or they will be able to protect 8 skaters and a goalie. 2-year pros are exempt from the draft as well as players who already have a No Movement Clause in their contract. But players left unprotected that only have No trade Clauses will not be exempt. Pretty much, you’re going to lose a good player to the expansion draft and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Which is fine. Like I said in my post back in February, you don’t want an expansion team coming into the league that is pretty much the jizz rag of the rest of the league.

This doesn’t 100% mean the expansion will be happening either. But I think everybody with at least half a brain knows that the Vegas team is coming sooner than later.

Mid-Blog Update: The Anaheim Ducks have just fired Bruce Boudreau. So here’s what’s going to happen and then you can tell this to all your friends and look like a genius later. The Avalanche are going to sign Alex Radulov, they’re going to hire Boudreau later in the season, and then they’re going to lose game 7 of the Western Conference Finals next season.