Roger Goodell Thinks That The Lamery Tunsil Saga Is What Makes The NFL Draft So Great

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Fire take from Goodell here, but I guess he’s not completely wrong? Correct, a 21 year old dropping in the draft due to the fact like he enjoys smoking weed through World War II surplus supplies is very exciting for the viewer. It was a chaotic evening and a heck of a lot of fun to follow on social media. But maybe not the right description from the commissioner of the NFL? Yeah, piece of shit bloggers can say it was exciting but I feel like the CEO of the company shouldn’t say that a kid’s social media getting hacked by, in all probability, an angry stepdad and losing about eight million dollars is a fun and exciting time. Laremy Tunsil’s life was irreparably damaged last night because of a cyber crime, he lost millions of contract dollars and probably more in potential endorsements, but Goodell just laughs it off and marches on as the ringleader of this shit circus, “Come see the show, folks! It’s a grand time! Ignore the fact that we treat everyone like garbage and just feel the energy!” Honestly fucking disgusting. Look forward to Goodell discipling Tunsil for providing the NFL fans with such a thrilling Draft night experience.

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