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Ted Cruz's Daughter Legit Hates Him

Previously, resisting his affection with all her might:

In Indiana, exiting the stage as soon as he touches her:

Yesterday, legit running away from him:

Hey Ted your daughter hates your guts, pal. In case you havent noticed she shuns you like a leper. I mean I know theres probably a lot of awkwardness between daughters and fathers when they’re that age. But this bitch straight up wants to torpedo her father’s career. How about when she talked about how she dressed her dad up in a feather boa and women’s underwear and has the video evidence to back it up?

This little witch is ruthless! Part of me wants to love her because she hates Ted Cruz and she puts him in a body bag every time they interact, but if we’re being honest she scares me. I think I probably hate her more than I hate Cruz. Which is borderline impossible. Like the main reason we cant elect Ted Cruz is because then his little Damian Child is in the White House. Who knows what sort of damage she can do there. She’ll be up to all sorts of mischief sneaking into war rooms launching nuclear weapons. Shes like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka except instead of being in a Chocolate Factory shes got the goddam Oval Office in her reach.

We all gotta vote Trump just to keep Caroline Cruz out of power.