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A Mom Went To A Basketball Court To Yell At Some Guys Because Her Shitty Kid Threatened To Shoot Them


What a tour de force of a confrontation video this was, like a heavyweight title fight both metaphorically and if they had to step on a scale before these two locked horns. But while the fat dude and the mom both were throwing verbal haymakers and ruining Jordans, the kid who apparently walks onto basketball courts declaring himself to be a “real n*gga” stole the show every second the camera touched him.


You’ve got his “Aw hamburgers can’t believe Mom is embarrassing me in front of my friends” look:


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.21.49 AM


You’ve got him thinking he can Falcon Punch a dude twice his size with only his mom holding him back:


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.37.30 AM


And, by far my favorite, him leaving the court with this sick Jerk Store-caliber burn:



Timed out so perfectly with the Vine, five whole seconds for this little guy to come up with a “No u” reply. Just hilarious. Maybe this is mean to say about a teenager and unfair to judge off of a two minute video but I’m 100% confident this kid will be in jail or completely worthless to society by the time he’s able to legally drink but what a tremendous exercise in incompetence it’ll be.


PS I don’t care how big of a dick this kid is or if the fat guy is some sort of bully and the real villain here but drinking out of some kid’s Gatorade is a weird move. Like I guess it’s technically an alpha dog thing but you’re two white people playing make believe on a basketball court, this isn’t exactly Riker’s.