Goodell Hamming It Up For The Boos Makes Me Sick

This is the most murderous I’ve been online. I can’t recall if he acts like this every year, but this time it enrages me even more. Pats still don’t have a pick, he’s been on his “Damn right I suspended Brady” world tour, and now he’s walking out like he’s in the WWE and enjoys being the heel. I’ll be straight up, it’s got me in a pretzel — like when a troll retweets your reply and relishes in the fact that they got to you and you get pissed that you fell into the trap. That’s how Goodell’s got me feeling now. Should we not boo? Does that just feed his ego and make him feel even more powerful? GOD DAMN IT WHAT DO WE DO? I think we have to just kill him. That’s kind of a joke but it also might be the only reasonable course of action. I can’t take him spitting in our face like this and enjoying it. Fuck you, Roger. FUCK YOU.

PS – Here’s what the Patriots posted as soon as the draft started. Subgram? Is that a thing? Little support for the GOAT, a little reminder that you can take the first rounder and we’ll just grab the franchise guy in the 6th.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.30.13 PM