Jay Z Looks Super Stressed Out After The Release Of "Lemonade"


You know what that looks like? That looks like a man who cheated on his wife with some of the hottest Beckys on the planet. That looks like a man whose wife made a massively successful record about all those times he cheated on her with Beckys and released it on the streaming service that he owns. That looks like a man who is pulling the strings on anything and everything that is happening. That looks like a man whose demise has been greatly exaggerated. At the end of the day, he’s still Jay Z. Nobody is happier about Lemonade’s success than him. That money pours into his and Beyonce’s joint bank account. It’d be different if she had served him divorce papers right after Lemonade dropped. She didn’t. So he still gets to have sex with Beyonce, he still had sex with a lot of Beckys, he still gets a piece of that Lemonade money and he still gets to smoke cigars in Miami like a boss. It’s good to be Jay Z.


Also this


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He’s gonna be just fine.