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Roman Reigns Is All Upset People Are Making Fun Of His Terrible Jeans

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.36.30 PM

So this picture has been making its way around the Internet the last few days. Roman Reigns in the worst jeans (not to mention shoes) imaginable. Pretty basic stuff- an awful picture comes out, people make fun of it,

and then everyone moves on.

But not when you’re Roman Reigns. Ever since he came into the main event scene, Roman Reigns has been tone-deaf about everything. His “I don’t care about the fans boo’ing me because they’re wrong” attitude and inability to connect with fans on any level at all has made him one of the received WWE champions in quite some time. Like, up there with Sheamus when he was randomly champion again 6 months ago ill-received.

So how did Reigns respond when the people on @Midnight made fun of him last night? Did he a) play along with the joke, make fun of himself, and finally look like he “gets it”, or b) get butt hurt over it? Lock in your answers now.

If you picked answer B, come on down! (I also gave away the answer in the title of the blog, next one will cost ya)


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.34.28 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.34.36 PM

“As long as you’re talking about me I’m better than you”! Ohhh burn, Roman, burnnnnn. Then the second tweet about how he lives in the real world and everyone making fun of him is just an Internet loser. Give me a fucking break. Uproxx put it very nicely this way:

Up - Okay…I guess? The whole “haha you’re talking about me so I win” thing is the most basic and least productive way to go about being clowned. They’re just jokes about your stupid jeans, bro. Be a good sport and go about your life. Also the whole “I wore those two years ago” thing doesn’t really help because two years ago was 2014. Human Clay came out in 1999, so that would put your jeans still outside of the appropriate year to be worn, purchased or exist.

Reigns finally made it into the main stream and completely dropped the ball. It’s not his fault though, it’s just how he’s wired. He gets upset, then he gets defensive, then he lashes out. He has no idea how to play anything cool which is why he will never be the next John Cena, or anything even close.


h/t With Leather