Shocking News - A Dwight Howard Team Had A Toxic Locker Room Environment For The Millionth Year In A Row


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Just a quick shout out to Dwight Howard’s Rockets tenure coming to a close last night, you know, the place that was supposed to be different after the failed Lakers year and the fall out in Orlando. No one, and I mean no one, in pro sports is a worse teammate than Dwight Howard. It’s actually shocking that we’re doing this again. 3 teams in 5 years. Throwing Stan Van Gundy under the bus in Orlando, creating a toxic environment in LA, and now this, blaming James Harden for a lack of respect on the way out the door. It’s actually shocking that it doesn’t get talked about more, how awful Dwight truly is as a teammate. A baby back bitch through and through. And now we do it all again. Dwight will sign somewhere this offseason, smile, wear a goofy hat, maybe make a video of him pranking someone, then the team will suck and Dwight will complain about the coach/front office/unnamed teammate. Do you think Dwight realizes that when every place he plays ends like this that maybe he’s the common denominator here? Shocking shocking lack of self awareness and a perfect way to go out in a blowout loss where he basically gave up.





I saw a rumor about Dwight to the Bulls. I actually may quit the Bulls if that happens. I honestly don’t think I can root for this guy. It would test my fandom to the max.