Mike Kensil Has Been Reassigned To NFL China



PFT – Last August, amid speculation that perceived #Deflategate instigator Mike Kensil had been removed from NFL Football Operations, the league said that Kensil’s status has not changed. At some point since then, it has. The NFL has confirmed the move, explaining that Kensil’s new title is “V.P. game operations-international.” “We needed a senior executive to work exclusively in this priority area,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT. “He’s been in Mexico City and China the last few weeks.”


Oh what a coincidence.   The guy who directly framed the Patriots, leaked the false PSI info to Chris Mortensen and started this entire Deflategate fiasco has been reassigned to China.   Hmm I wonder why?  Listen as I’ve said from the beginning I don’t think the NFL ever dreamed how big Deflategate would become.  When Kensil leaked the false PSI info it spiraled out of control so fast that they basically painted themselves in a corner.  They dug themselves a hole so deep that rather than admitting Deflategate was just a scam, they created one of the greatest cover ups in the history of American business.   They couldn’t just fire Kensil in the middle of it because that would have basically admitted their guilt.  So they waited a year or so and then sent him to China. Make no mistake about it.  This is the NFL’s way of punishing Kensil for creating this entire mess and ruining the credibility of the league forever.

One time now all together…..