Nicki Minaj Questions Whether Joe Biden Or Donald Trump Likes Big Butts Before Performing Anaconda

Page Six - Naughty Nicki Minaj dedicated a raunchy performance of ?“Anaconda” at the Time 100 Gala toDonald Trump and, oddly, Joe Biden, who wasn’t there. But Minaj wowed the power crowd — that includedCharlie Rose, astronaut Scott Kelly, three-time Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege and Ariana Grande — with an energetic performance, asking the audience, “Who do you think likes the biggest butts, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?” Trump, the cultured crowd concurred.

No disrespect to Donald Trump. I’ve seen Melania. I’ve heard the stories about Trump smashing out Penthouse chicks. Theres no doubt in my mind Donald Trump appreciates a good ass.

But if the question is “Who do you think likes the biggest butt?” the answer is 1000% Joe Biden. No doubt in my mind Joe Cool is an Ass Man that takes his butts very seriously. 100% Joey B is the that dude hiring fat assed staffers. I bet Biden’s interns is just an army of PAWGs. Anybody who’s ever worked for him probably got that ass palmed at least a couple times. Young ass, old ass. Doesnt matter. Joe Biden probably slipped a finger down that crack.

Like I could see a scenario where if Nicki Minaj started twerk that ass up on Trump, he wouldnt know what to do. He’d be all flustered and overwhelmed. Joe Cool? Wouldnt miss a beat. He’d probably spank that ass and drop that Anaconda on her.