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My Head May Explode If Roger Goodell Keeps Telling People The Courts Confirmed Deflategate Was A Fair Process


ESPN - “I think the most important thing from the ruling is that the judgment that the district court made last summer was incorrect. They obviously reversed that,” Goodell told reporters. “They reinforced our authority here, and they reinforced the fact that we have the facts correct, that it was a fair process and that we came to the conclusion that they supported. From our standpoint, we think that’s the right decision and frankly should have been the decision last time.”



It’s hard for me to put into words how angry this makes me. I already blogged almost this exact story yesterday and I’m blogging it again because that’s how mad it makes me. For the 2nd consecutive day Roger Goodell has said the following:


“That the new ruling reinforced the fact that we have the facts correct, that it was a fair process and that we came to the conclusion that they supported.”


Why does he keep saying this? Who is he talking to? Who does he think he is fooling? Of all the things that this asshole has done this may be the most infuriating and the biggest window into just how out of touch he is with reality. Just how disconnected he is with the average fan/person. All he has to say is this.

“The court reinforced our authority.”

Just leave it there. That’s a factual statement. That’s exactly what the courts did. They reinforced the fact that Goodell is Hitler and can do whatever he wants per the CBA. But he’s such an egomaniac, so conceded, so devious, so evil he literally can’t stop himself. He has to continue with this charade even though every single person on the planet, even the biggest Pats haters, know it’s a farce. He continues to say it was a “fair investigation” even though the courts specifically said it wasn’t. He continues to tell people it’s 85 and sunny outside when it’s pouring rain. Isn’t there anybody at the NFL with a brain telling him to just shut up and quit while he is pseudo ahead? There is literally nothing to gain by continuing to perpetrate this obvious lie. It just makes him look like the biggest asshole who ever lived. The fact we have to continually be subjected to this garbage is so infuriating it honestly makes me wish he was dead. That’s how bad of a person I honestly think Roger Goodell is. I think the world would be a much better place if he died today.  Not even joking.