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Desperado: Ted Cruz Announcing Carly Fiorina As Running Mate

The desperation is pungent. It stings. It hurts. Lyin’ Ted will announce today that Carly Fiorina is his running mate — A hilariously desperate move when considering he won’t be the nominee. He’s not even close to 1,237 and, with Donald’s latest overwhelming victories, he’s extremely unlikely to find any way to the nomination. He doesn’t have the delegates, he’s not even liked by the RNC, and Donald has regained so much momentum in the northeast that the GOP would be committing election suicide by stealing the nomination from him.

Lyin’ Ted is desperate and he will do ANYTHING to get elected. He tried some political mapping “deal” with Kasich to kickoff the week; it was horrendously botched and made him and Kasich look incompetent while Donald swooped in, made fun of them, then won all 5 Tuesday states with massive majorities of the vote.

Now this.

And once again, the Donald was ready.

Truthfully, I like Carly. She’s fiery. She’s articulate. She debates well. And she held her own on stage after Jake Tapper reiterated that Trump said her face is hideous (20 sec mark):

But the whole thing is just a big joke. You save face by bowing out and supporting your party’s nominee. You do not save face by throwing a woman on the ticket in an attempt to “jolt” your campaign. Remember how that worked out last time?