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Gary Player Asks For An Invite To #SB2K17 And Dunks On Anybody Hating On #SB2K16


I love Gary Player. He’s 80 years old and super active on Twitter. And the amazing thing is he doesn’t suck at it. Player posted that picture with Jack Nicklaus in response to the shit storm that Geoff Shackelford purposely started with his “Get off my lawn” piece about #SB2K16. What GP is saying with that picture is, “Golfers have been going on spring breaks for 50 years. Fucking get over it.” It’s perfect. I actually think Fowler and the guys should invite Gary Player on #SB2K17. Have you seen Gary? He’s in better shape than all those guys combined. I bet he’d drink them under the table too. Gary needs to be invited next year and so do I.



Luke Donald got in on shitting on Shackelford’s piece too



The only thing that sucks is this is exactly what Geoff Shackelford wanted from the beginning. I bet you didn’t know who Geoff Shackelford was before he wrote his grandpa piece but you do now and that’s the point. It’s all about eyeballs. I guran-fucking-tee that piece he wrote was his most-viewed piece ever by a billion pageviews. Cause that’s what happens when you stir up shit just to stir up shit. People pay attention and tell you to shut the fuck up but every view counts the same. So it sucks that he got what he wanted but he still deserved to get dragged through the mud for his page view trolling. And I’ve said it from the beginning. Geoff (of course his name is Geoff by the way) doesn’t believe a word he said in his piece about Rickie Fowler’s spring break. He simply saw an opportunity and took full advantage of it. End of story.