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Just Another Day In China As A Guy Chugs A Mason Jar Full Of Living Frogs And Fish



Just checking in on China real quick. What’s happening today? Oh a guy chugging a mason jar full of living frogs, tadpoles and fish? Cool cool. Super normal activity. Here in America we’d assume he lost a bet or something but since it’s in China I’m just going to assume he does this every morning. That’s his protein shake. Wake up, take a shit, take a shower, brush your teeth then swallow living creatures whole and let them swim inside your belly until they die. Lather, rinse, repeat every morning. Weird as fuck. Also, here’s a tip for anybody out there thinking about making internet videos and shit. If at any point during whatever video you’re making you do the whole “Here look, my mouth is wide open. You can see down my throat and I’m showing you that I swallowed it all” like you’re a porn star who just had a giant load dumped in her mouth, you’re making the wrong type of videos.