Dying Grandma's Last Wish To Eat A Double Whopper From Burger King Is Granted

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OBSEV- The beloved grandmother ended her half-year battle with stage-four lung cancer recently, but not before making one final meal request: a double meat whopper from Burger King. Traxler’s daughter, Jacki Traxler, remembers her mom, who she called “the best person in the whole world,” enjoying those burgers for as long as she could remember. “Ever since she was pregnant with me and my sister Jodi, she made my dad go out in a snow storm and get double meat Whoppers when she was pregnant,” she told FOX 2 in St. Louis. When Brenda made that final meal request at four in the morning, Jacki had a surprisingly difficult time fulfilling the order. After being told by three BK franchises that they weren’t serving the signature sandwich at that hour, she made one final call to a fourth location and lucked out.



Here’s your feel-good story of the day. Dying grandma asks for a double whopper at 4 in the morning as her last meal and a Burger King steps up and delivers it to her. Bingo bango bongo great stuff. With all that said, who are these employees at the first three Burger Kings they tried? They were just like, “Nah. Sorry about your dying grandma but we only serve breakfast at this time”? What the fuck? Just throw some damn meat patties on the damn grill and get that grandma her double whopper man. It’s not that hard. Last meals are super important and everyone involved should be willing to go through hell and high water to make it happen. That goes for all last meals. Doesn’t matter if you’ve known the person your whole life or met them two seconds ago. As soon as the words “last meal” are uttered, everybody should spring into action like Jason Bourne. I’m talking random strangers just standing near by. The hope is that people will do the same when you’re on your death bed asking for a double whopper.


You know what my last meal would be? As many rodeo burgers as my body could handle. Maybe it’s because this lady got something from Burger King but the more I think about it the more I’m almost positive it’d be rodeo burgers. Normally I’d say Chinese food but it’s actually rode burgers. Rodeo burgers are the absolute best. Might get some rodeo burgers for lunch actually.