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Real Men Play Mario Kart For Princess Peach Tattoos - Part II, Time To Pay Up

Watch Part I – The Racing Of Degenerates

And there you have it. Why is it so damn big? Short answer…I have no fucking idea. What’s done is done, I guess. But a man is only as good as his word, and TRUST ME I thought of every possible angle to weasel out of this one. Just couldn’t do it. Any warm blooded American male should rather go down with a Princess Peach tattoo than a bitch. But never again. Yes, it was painful. Anyone who gets a tat and boasts it doesn’t at least say it hurts a little is a Hardo with a capital H. Was it the most agonizing thing in the world? Of course not. But getting pricked with a hot needle for 2 hours straight shouldn’t be anyone’s cup of tea. Regardless, I can’t wait till I’m 80, senile, and this saggy bitch makes an appearance at my Grandchild’s wedding. Unlike me at least her engine will still be running with someone behind the wheel.

Again, may God have mercy on my mother.