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As You Would Expect, The Spanish Announcer's Call Of Yo's Home Run Last Night Was Electric

And here I thought listening to Gary Cohen lose his shit over that home run was the best call of the night. Nope, try again dickweed. As usual, the Spanish announcers rose to the occasion and blew all of us gringos out of the water.  I thought he peaked when he screamed “PELOTAAAAAAAA!!!”, but that was just the beginning.  Dude was rolling R’s while simultaneously losing his goddamn mind. The mark of a true professional. In fact, the only thing that was missing was the sound of a broken table. I know it’s a different sport, but whenever I hear a Spanish dude go crazy, I expect his table to break. Vince McMahon has Pavlov’d my ass to expect that.

And how about Yo coming off the bench in the cold with a banged up knee, probably after chain smoking a pack of Marlboro reds in the clubhouse, and tying the game up with a three-run bomb. The dude is a monster. And just because it sparks abject horror in my mentions everytime I tweet it, I humbly present The Human Cespedes. The most terrifying creature in baseball.


If I could get Cespedes’ actual song tattooed onto my brain, I would.  Hottest beat in all of sports and it’s not even CLOSE.

“You know the naaaame. CES-PED-ES”

Might as well buy a shirt, right?

Important Update:

Fuck everything. Who changes their batting music to something other than a song written just for them?

h/t Mark