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PornHub Used A Taco Emoji To Describe Latina Women And Some Folks Are None Too Pleased

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.03.20 AM

(HuffPo) As if it wasn’t enough that Latinas are consistently fetishized in the porn industry, usually readily available in a separate category for viewers, now they’ve been reduced to being labeled as nothing more than a stereotypical food. PornHub.com recently launched its service, “Emoji 4 Porn,” which allows users to text an emoji and receive a video on their phone corresponding to that emoji’s representative category. It listed the category-emoji pairings on its site as follows. The porn site certainly got creative with many of their options, except when it came down to “Latinas.” Their categories for “Russian,” “Japanese,” “Indian” and other nationalities were represented by flags while Latinas were simply reduced to a taco.

Let me just say that in all of my years working at Barstool, this is perhaps my favorite yet. People are offended about the emoji you text to PornHub… so that they can send you a random video of a chica getting ass banged… so you can bust that nut in a McDonalds bathroom. They’re offended by something on PornHub — *clears throat* PORNHUB — and it’s not the fact that a sweet little 18 year old girl who just wants to pay for her college textbooks is snorting cum through a straw like it’s Saturday night at the Kappa Psi house.

God, I love this world.

These emojis are perfect. They’re light, they’re fun, they’re not difficult to understand, it’s everything you want before a sexual encounter even if it’s just with yourself. Simplicity is the name of the game. Are there South American flags that were available to them? Sure, I guess. But those are impossible to understand because all your countries are so tiny and, to be frank, kinda worthless. I just had to look them up to be sure they were actually Latina countries because I wasn’t sure if one was Colombia or some eastern European country who I only hear from when they win the biathalon every four years. I don’t need to be googling shit or guessing at flags before I jerkoff. I spend enough time in my regular sex life fumbling over confusing signals, when it’s just me I’d like the process to be as easy as possible. You want flags rather than tacos to be your boner bat signal? How bout you guys stop having civil wars and just focus on growth? Get recognized on an international level for something other than being the drug lord in B-list summer blockbusters, ya know?


I wouldn’t change a thing about these, not one. Well, maybe I’d change the Big Tits to a baby bottle instead of a pineapple because it does make more sense, but I can see how a baby bottle’s involvement in masturbation could get a little… let’s say pedophiley. Also I’d probably drop the funny emoji because anyone who ever watches that blooper reel porn shit is a psycho. It’s jerking off man, not the Extras and Outtakes of Old School. But, that’s splitting hairs.

Great list, PornHub. I will continue to be a values customer who uses AdBlock even though you very politely ask me not to atop the page.