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Skip Bayless Is Out At ESPN

FS1: Hey Skip, it’s Fox Sports 1, we’d like to make you an offer.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.06.36 PM

To be honest I’ve never HATED Skip Bayless. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch his program or anything crazy like that, but I’ve never found myself tossing and turning over a Bayless take. If you have, you might want to see a therapist. He’s a court jester, someone there for no reason other than to entertain, and he does a pretty good job of that. Not necessarily by his own actions, but the people who freak out over what a guy who eats Chinese food for dinner every night (he really does) said at 11 AM on a Wednesday are hysterical. The “DID YOU SEE WHAT SKIP SAID?!” crowd never let’s you down when you’re looking for a chuckle.

Interesting move by FS1 though, which is where all signs point to him landing. The whole “let’s hire everyone at ESPN who people despise” model is a strange one. Cowherd, Whitlock, Bayless… who the fuck cares about any of them? I’m not busting out the TV Guide and finding FS1 for fucking Skip Bayless. Like I said, I never HATED Bayless but I also never watched his show. I just laughed at people on Twitter who took it seriously. I don’t think any normal American really gives fuck all about Bayless. If FS1 wanted to spend their money smartly, how about paying off some channel and getting into a range that people actually watch? If you’re not between FX and HBO then I have no use for you. No clue what something like that costs but that’s gonna get you a lot more viewers than stealing ESPN’s shitheels in the middle of the night.

PS – I love when people RT all of Bayless’ old, stupid takes. I bet he does too. That’s his art, man. You literally need to work your ass off to create an angle where you’d take Tim Tebow over Aaron Rodgers in a late game situation. That’s fucking impressive. RTing Bayless fire takes is like blaring Purple Rain, it’s honoring a legend by remembering him through his art.