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A Formal Invitation To Join The Islanders Bandwagon

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Hereyee! Hereyee!

I, Connor Isles, hailing from Barstool New York, formally invite you to hop onto the hottest bandwagon of them all. The underdog of underdogs. The New York Islanders bandwagon.

Coming off of their first playoff series win in over two decades, the Isles are looking to build on their already historical post-season run. They put the Panthers to sleep in 6 games after taking back to back double-OT wins in Games 5 and 6, and now face an injury riddled Tampa Bay Lightning club. A team who’s official leader of the bandwagon was put in a body-bag by our very own Big Cat just last year. Sad!

With Washington[ew], Pittsburgh[ew], and Tampa[eh] left in the east, the Isles and their history making run is all the rage in these hockey streets. Everyone hates the Penguins[read: Crosby], no one wants to see the Caps [read: Nate] prevail, and Tampa is such a meh team without Stamkos that you basically have no choice but to root for the Islanders in the East. Call me biased but these are just facts.

These Isles are, on the lowest of keys, one of the most exciting teams in the dance, with their fearless leader, Johnny T, on a tear of a post-season – having collected 9 points in the first round alone. While their *cough*starting*cough* goaltender, Thomas Gress posted a 1.79 GAA and a .944 Save% against Florida after starting the year as Jaro Halak’s backup. Just the hottest of the hotness.

We have guys clapping home double-OT game winning goals before even playing in their 10th career NHL game, we have fan favorites Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy doing the damn thing on the back end, and not to mention, we have the best fourth line to ever play the damn game according to Don Cherry – who’s never exaggerated not once in his life. Just an all around exciting hockey team, and frankly, the only team to get behind if yours has been eliminated. The choice is obvious.


Registration ends tomorrow at 7, so hop on the hottest wagon in hockey, there’s plenty of leg room.*

*Some views maybe be obstructed.



PS – Notables who are already on the wagon include:

Ryan Whitney 

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DJ Khaled 

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The muhfucking Il papa