Normal Dudes Read Real Troll Tweets To Women In Sports Media

Well that certainly went from 0-60 real quick. The Twitter muscles on these trolls would break real life Bane in half. Gotta be tough to go from playfully defending yourself with “I’m not even a beat writer!” to hearing how you deserve to have your boyfriend beat you while getting raped. Well, ladies, welcome come to the Internet. The Wild Wild West of fake tough guys where the only thing they enjoy more than calling people a cunt is jerking off imagining one. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is. You think it’s easy being called a poor, Lego-headed “Fag Fountain” on a daily basis. Just gotta roll with the punches.

Still doesn’t compare to the porn stars reading their hate mail. This is some seriously creepy and sad shit.

Wow. That was straight up wrong, even though I’m surprised Pres has yet to find a way to profit off of “Jew Semen”. I’m a staunch defender of tracking down ANYONE unstable enough to leave a serious comment on a porn website or send messages in general to their favorite sex star. It could be love or hate mail. It doesn’t matter. People who are that infatuated with those who are beat off to by billions are a bus pass away from blowing up a pre-school. Time to round em up and ship them off to Shutter Island.

PS – “You may be a whore, but at least have some respect for yourself.” – Elegant words there, Simon.