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Both Chicago Baseball Teams Are In First Place And It's Summertime In Chicago, Life Is Good



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Last night sucked, a lot. I sat on my couch for 2 hours after the game just waiting for them to start playing the OT because I couldn’t quite comprehend that the tying goal never came in the third period. The Blackhawks have done that to us, where the losses are jarring because the Hawks usually seem to always find a way. I still replay that ’14 WCF OT deflection by the Kings  in my head from time to time, the suddenness that it’s all over. But there will be no pity party in Chicago. Not when you win like the Blackhawks do. No one should feel bad for us (not that anyone does) nor should we feel bad for ourselves. Shit happens. This team has given us so many great moments in the past years that you can’t be salty or have resentment or any of that garbage that usually comes with a painful playoff lost. It was a fantastic series and the Blues deserved every inch of that victory. I still hate St. Louis and Ken Hitchcock’s fat stupid face, but to discredit the Blues in anyway would be wrong. Even on the losing end, that series was fun as hell. Now we move to baseball, and summer, and hoping Patrick Sharp and the Stars can beat the Blues in the next round. Life is good, life is good.




And yes, I will also admit my first thought this morning was how? How did that not go in? But that’s playoff hockey for you. Every year you see a puck bounce decide a series, this time it didn’t go our way, next year they’ll be right back in the same spot fighting tooth and nail.