It Wouldn't Be A Boca Bash Without Some Boats Full Of Hardos Punching Each Other In The Face

Fight broke out between a bunch of ignorant, littering children and a boat captain that allowed way too many drunk kids on the boat. I apologize for the video ending abruptly. Once the captain was split and bleeding I called it in.

Sooo Boca Bash is cancelled next year right? I think that’s how this works. Any sort of fight or altercation breaks out and everything gets shut down forever.

Really hope not, because it’s a national treasure.

But just like every awesome party, 2016 rolls around and we start clamping down on the fun all over little things like fighting and hospitalizations and mass littering.

As for the fight, just a quick note here, I will say the absolute overall loser in the situation was “Keep The Peace Guy” waving his arms around on the stern there. Trying to shoo everybody away…gets punched right in the mouth for his troubles.