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Jacked Dave Chappelle Singing Radiohead's "Creep" At Erykah Badu's Birthday Party Is Today's Mad Lib



What in the world did we just watch? There’s a whole lot of weird going on in that video but the weirdest is Chappelle’s gun show. Holy mackerel. He looks like he could enter a World’s Strongest Man competition tomorrow. Those are some serious pythons.


How did this


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.02.34 AM


Turn into this


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.53.01 AM



Aren’t you supposed to get in worse shape as you get older? There’s only two acceptable options as to what’s happening to Chappelle. One, he treated his time away from the spotlight like a prison sentence and did nothing but lift weights the entire time. 5,000 push ups a day. 10,000 pull ups a day and a protein shake. OR somebody who looks like Dave Chappelle with more muscle and sorta sounds like Dave Chappelle killed the real Dave Chappelle and came back into the spotlight. I actually believe the second one more than the first one at this point. Ever since Chappelle came back from wherever the fuck he was, things haven’t been the same. Everything has been a little…….off. I can’t really explain it but its been weird. Him having biceps the size of my thighs is just the latest weird thing.


I miss the old Dave Chappelle who was the funniest man on the planet