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When You Give Up Another Bomb To Neil Walker

Neil Walker. MVP. 8 homers from him, second behind some dude name Bryce for most HRs in the league. 3 more dongs in total for the team tonight. According to Elias Sports they hit 63 home runs in the past 8 games. Just absolutely obliterating these shitty teams with the long ball. Obviously for this team to win the World Series they are gonna need to show they can drive runs in with situational hitting against elite pitching, but you gotta get there first. And the best way to win over the course of 162 games and punch your ticket to the postseason is feasting on bad pitching and bad teams and thats exactly what this team is doing.

PS – Neil Walker’s haircut is so bad its good. I feel like everyone should get this cut this summer. Call it The Neil like when Jennifer Aniston made “The Rachel” a thing during her days on Friends.

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