By The Beard Of Bill Murray, Ecto Cooler Will Officially Hit Shelves Next Month!

Consumerist- A few months ago, news and early samples of a new and exciting beverage hit Twitter and eBay. Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler was a green citrus-flavored beverage and a tie-in for the Ghostbusters franchise. The beverage was so popular that it outlasted the TV cartoon series it was originally meant to promote by ten years. With a new live-action Ghostbusters movie due out this summer and levels of ’90s nostalgia peaking, Ecto Cooler is returning to store shelves.
Like Surge and Strawberry Honeycomb, part of the reason for the brand’s resurrection is simply that the people who grew up with it are young adults with disposable income, a demographic whose consumption of soft drinks and juice-flavored high-fructose corn syrup waters is generally falling. The new Ghostbusters movie hits theaters on July 15, and Coca-Cola announced that it’s putting out the drink on May 30. In its announcement, the company says that pressure came from very different groups with some common interests: nostalgia-filled social media users and the people in charge of marketing the new Ghostbusters movie. The drink will not come in the classic metal cans that must be punctured on the top, but in six-ounce juice boxes and 11.5-ounce metal cans..

Oh fuck yessss. We have been assuming Ecto Cooler’s return based on trademark applications and supposed tester boxes leaking, but this news means it’s really coming back. Now with a release date, I can set up outside of my local Stop & Shop like a junkie waiting for the new product to arrive outside of the Baltimore low rises. And the timing is absolutely perfect. Ecto Cooler can become the mixer of choice for people looking for a new summer drink. I don’t know much about women, but I imagine watching a guy drink a glass of fluorescent green liquid at a bar gets their engine revvvvvvvving.

However despite all this great news, we have to take a minute to remember those that are no longer with us.

Yes, as you can tell by the art on the box, it looks like Slimer didn’t make it onto the boxes or cans of the reboot. And while he definitely gave Ecto Cooler the street cred needed to sell to kids, I imagine he would be happy to know that Ecto Cooler has moved on to giving a whole new generation of kids the foundation for type 2 diabetes while also likely becoming the key ingredient to the 2016 Drink Of The Summer. Then again, he’d probably rather be on the Ecto Cooler box than in the movie that likely shits all over millions of people’s childhoods. Oh yeah, and not releasing a giant metal can version is the weakest shit I have ever heard. We are all happy to have you back, Ecto Cooler. But you still have a ways to go before you are perfect again.


My nominee for Most Accurate Comment Of The Year (typos be damned): onewp