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I Love This Totally Serious Take That If Steph Curry Was As Tough As Michael Jordan He'd Handle His Knee Injury And Keep Playing


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Facts are facts guys. Michael Jordan once played with a flu, he handled adversity like a pro, let’s see if Steph Curry can do the same when it comes to his probable knee tear. Call me an MJ homer or a Steph Curry hater, I don’t care, the truly great ones handle injury and rise above. Balls in your court, Steph.




Sidenote. Is anyone else sick of how much the internet loves Steph Curry? I mean I love watching the guy play basketball, it’s an incredible experience and he’s a one of a kind player. But watching everyone cry on the internet yesterday when he went out with injury was so weird. I know that makes me a cynical asshole and I really wish I wasn’t this way but when the whole entire world loves one guy, I have to start hating him. There just needs to be a little balance. We can’t all be Steph Curry guys. We cant all hope the Warriors win the title. I’m bummed out that we may not get to see Warriors vs Spurs, something I’ve been looking forward to all year long, but everyone just chill out a little bit with the Steph love so I can go back to enjoying him at a normal level. Deal?





Also Michael Jordan was VERY SICK.


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