In A Nutshell The Court Ruled That Roger Goodell Is Allowed To Be Hitler



Again I just want to clarify what the court is saying here. They are saying that it doesn’t matter that Roger Goodell lied through his teeth time and time again about this being a fair trail. It doesn’t matter that Roger Goodell held press conference after press conference in which he lied to the general public. It doesn’t matter that he said the Wells Report was an Independent Investigation. It doesn’t matter whether Tom Brady is innocent or not. NOTHING about the facts of this case matter. The only thing that matters is the CBA gave Roger Goodell complete and total power to do whatever he wants. If he wanted to suspend Tom Brady because he doesn’t like his haircut he can suspend him with no repercussions. He is literally Hitler in Nazi Germany and the Players Association gave him that power. That’s what the courts are saying. No different than if the courts said Germany gave Hitler the power to murder Jews so their hands are tied. The constitution, due process, innocent until proven guilty, right to a fair trial etc flat out do not apply in the NFL. The NFL is a dictatorship and what Goodell says goes. His power is absolute and unquestionable. That’s what the judge is saying. How that is allowed to happen in the United States is beyond me. It seems like our forefathers fought and died for nothing. Sad day to be a Patriot. Sad day to be an American.