The Internet Is Great Because We Can Watch A Video Of Mr. Belding And The Bayside Tigers Putting Someone Through a Table

Uproxx - Dennis Haskins, a.k.a. Mr. Belding has had a long-standing love affair with wrestling. He’s a huge fan and was allegedly (according to Haskins himself) offered a WWE deal in 2012 that he declined due to the strenuous schedule. Mr. Belding has somehow become a staple of professional wrestling, appearing for companies across America. Over the weekend, he took things to another level. Haskins appeared at a WrestlePro event in Brooklyn. What you see here is Mr. Belding powerbombing Buster Jackson through a table with the help of Pat Buck and Kevin Mathews. Buck and Mathews were dressed like Bayside Tigers for the whole match. Those last two sentences are why wrestling is just an absurd, beautiful thing that should be protected at all costs.


Mondays are fantastic in blog world. So much stuff comes out that happened over the weekend. You have Beyonce releasing full albums about Jay Z cheating on her, you have bikini fights, you have Johnny Football drama, and you have Mr. Belding teaming up with wrestlers dressed up as the Bayside Tigers putting a guy though a table. You know what makes me sad? Before the internet, I’m sure a lot of cool shit happened that was never written down, documented, filmed, anything. Did people even break up on airplanes before Twitter? What if in the 1950’s Leave it to Beaver put someone through a table at a wrestling show but nobody knows about it? I’m sure there’s some family, somewhere out there, that tells the tale of the time Mr. Cleaver showed up to a wrestling show and powerbombed someone through a table. And now Mr. Belding is continuing the tradition. I love that we live in a time where this is possible for all the world to see. I sneaky feel Mr. Belding is due for a big comeback. Him, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Alex Mack. All due for major comebacks. I could totally see Belding being that wacky cameo role in all sorts of movies as the “hey, that’s Mr. Belding!” character. Send him around on the talk show syndicate. Easiest way to get the 25-35 year olds to pay attention to your movie is to put something nostalgic in it. It’s almost too easy.