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Kid At London Marathon Dunks On Runners By Offering Them High Fives Then Pulling His Hand Away



Got’emmmmmmmmmmm. That little kid got all those runners so good. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Elaborate pranks are for the birds and shitty YouTube stars. Sometimes you just need to put a whoopee cushion on a person’s chair. Or reach behind a person’s back and tap their shoulder. Or offer a bunch of marathon runners a high five as they run by and then pull your hand away at the last second. Nothing beats the classics. As for the runners, I would quit running the second I got Boom Roasted by that kid offering a high five. It would take all of my motivation away. I’d already be thinking, “Why the hell am I running a marathon?” anyway. Getting tricked by a kid would be the final straw. I’d rip off my marathon bib and walk to the nearest McDonalds.