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So Phil Jackson Is REALLY Considering Hiring Kurt Rambis As The Full Time Head Coach, Huh?

I….I don’t even know what to say. I mean I understand from all the reports that Rambis being hired full time was always a possibility. But I thought that possibility was like a “Yeah, a group of hackers hacked my Twitter and liked a chick sticking a dildo up her ass” kind of a statement than an actual true, real life possibility. Kurt Rambis was a worse head coach than Derek Fisher this season. Kurt Rambis had Kevin Love coming off the bench for the TWolves and gave a bunch of Love’s minutes to the immortal Ryan Gomes. Kurt Rambis has the fifth worst record of any head coach that has coached 200+ NBA games.

As a Knicks fan, we are used to just constantly getting shit on. Actually what is worse than getting shit on? Vomited on? Bukakke’d on? Hiring Rambis would basically be all of those with some piss, tears, and blood as well. Knicks fans have been getting drenched in proverbial human discharge for years while doing nothing but bitching and moaning about it. Which is why if Rambis is hired, we tear down Madison Square Garden brick by brick and put the heads of Phil Jackson, James Dolan, and Steve Mills on a spike. And Isiah too, because fuck him.

I could go on another long diatribe, but instead we’ll throw it back to a tweet from earlier this month that says more than I could ever say.

And it looks more and more like this will actually become reality.

Fuck Phil Jackson. Fuck James Dolan. And of course, fuck this franchise.

(Again, unless this is all a clever ruse to get Melo to waive his no trade clause. But probably not. Fuck this franchise).

PS Even though he was always a salty bastard, I love hearing from Peter Vecsey because he reminds me of the NBA On NBC days. So lets play the song a few dozen times and try not to jump out of any tall buildings on this beautiful Sunday.