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The Washington Nationals Selling Our “Make Baseball Fun Again” Hats is The Greatest Miscarriage of Capitalism In the History of Capitalism.



Ok let me clarify something real quick. I’m not saying the Washington Nationals are selling knockoff versions of our “Make Baseball Fun Again” hats. They are selling our EXACT hats. Like those exact hats in the picture were on our shelves last week. How did this happen? This is how.

A couple weeks ago the Nationals reached out to our shipping department and asked for 144 of our Make Baseball Fun Hats again. They asked if they could get them at wholesale prices. I thought they were basically asking if they could get a discount because they were ordering so many.  This is what I directed our tshirt guy to say.


“Barstool Sports is big fans of Bryce so we are shipping them overnight for free. Enjoy!”


I thought that they’d get the hats and then all the Nationals would be wearing them and they’d thank us for our generosity. People would see they were our hats and bingo, bango we’d sell billions of them. It was the perfect plan. Well at least I thought it was. The only problem is Nationals didn’t want our hats to give them out to their employees. They actually wanted to sell our hats themselves.. The lady who contacted us from the Nationals didn’t mislead us. She told our shipping department exactly why she wanted them. Somehow though we had miscommunication on our end and that message never got conveyed.  It was 100% our fault. The result was we sent our hats for free to the Nationals which they promptly put in their store and started to sell at full price. An event so peak Barstool I can’t even rap my brain around it. Hey Peter Chernin…welcome to the Terror Dome.


Anyway if you want our hats which are the same as the Nationals hats you can buy them here…