Introducing The Bubble Wrap Bike


This is a great idea in theory but there are 2 problems I have with this bubble wrap bicycle.

1. The driver/inventor. If you say “Jealous Much” at any point in time you are a cockcsucker. Plain and simple. Ham it up a little more bro. We get it. You have a bubble wrap bike, and we don’t. Stop being such a cheesedick about it and just ride the god damn bike.


2. The amount of bubble wrap wasted is unconscionable. If I get my hands on some bubble wrap I have to pop every single one of the bubbles. You can’t leave bubbles unpopped, you just can’t. So good idea in theory but awful execution. Final score on the bubble wrap bike, C+.


Seriously though, maybe it’s because it’s Monday Morning and I want to kill myself but fuck this guy’s face right?

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